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Many startups, after implementing their idea in life, namely creating a website, wonder what the next step of your business project will be. Whichever country you are in the next step is legal registration and connection of the necessary financial instruments. Many people wonder whether it is obligatory to register a company in their country of residence. Everyone has heard about the concept of “offshore”, this is a country in which you can register a company, get a full-fledged legal entity and at the same time pay a small or zero tax rate. But in fact, a company for your project can be registered in any country in the world, of course, each country has different requirements for directors, shareholders and beneficiaries, different registration procedures, different tax rates, different conditions for a particular activity.

STEEPAY’s team of lawyers will help you get through all these legal jungles. Based on the long-term practice of opening merchant accounts, we have identified groups of jurisdictions in which such high risk projects as forex, gambling, crypto projects, etc. are often registered, and created for you the opportunity, having only a website, to get a complete company in a jurisdiction favorable for your activity, a merchant account with a good tariff scale and, if you wish, a bank account. If you have any questions, please contact the form on the website or fill out the form, our specialist will contact you and advise you on the choice of jurisdiction for your project.

This list is not exhaustive, please contact our specialist for a complete list..