Any citizen or non-resident of the state can registrate the firm with our support. We give you only actual information about innovations in the legal framework and answer any of your questions.

An applicant must collect some documents for our attorneys, which consists of personal data and data about firm. Before that it is required to create firm s title, form of organization and area of activity.

These all tasks, except for creating a title, will be engaged in our lawyers.


  • There are no taxes for received profit.
  • It is not necessary for the applicant to have the status of an entity in order to register the organization. It is feasible to start a private business.
  • An offshore company can also register as a legal entity. It has the option of establishing subsidiaries in any member state of the European Union.

Types of businesses

Limited Liability Firm
It is the most popular type of organization in Slovakia. An applicant should have information about title, the area of operations, juridical location, structure of the organizers and the sum of benefaction as the statutory capital.

But there are some requirements:

  • One of the chiefs must be occupant of Slovakia or have residence permit. With last our attorneys can help.
  • The minimal statutory capital must be 5000 euros.
  • If an applicant is a citizen of the state, it is required to have any debts to tax survey. For international businessmen, an extract from the tax authorities is required on a private request.

Private Firm
There is one big benefit. It is low level of expenses in order to start. But in this case the individual should pay medical coverage, the business can not be extended or sold, if the home license is past due or there are issues with acquiring it, the premise of business venture gets unthinkable.

Joint-stock firm

The minimal authorized capital is 25 000 euros. All benefaction is divided in shares.

All bits are named.

No bearer securities are used.