Sociedad Anonima

It is joint-stock firm.

The minimal statutory capital is 60 000 euros. It is required to pay at least 15 000 euros at the moment of registration. Participants in the firm are not responsible for its obligations.

Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada

It is Limited Liability Firm.

The minimal statutory capital is 60 000 euros. This capital must be paid at the moment of registration. Participants in this firm are not responsible for its obligations.

It is necessary to obtain Corporate taxpayer identification number (CIF).

All residents are also required to obtain Identification Tax Number.

About Taxes

Taxes here are not low. But on costs can be written almost anything.

There are next taxes:

  • 21% – value added tax,
  • 28-30% – income tax,
  • 30% – income tax (once a year),
  • 7% – property tax.

Hotels|Eateries, athletic items, food, household items, literature, and agribusiness have all had their taxes lowered to 7%.

Individual income tax: Depending on the level of income, residents’ worldwide income and income received in the state by non-residents are taxed at rates ranging 21-27 percent.

The basic rate of taxation is 7.65%; however, if your property is valued more than 815,000 euros, you may be charged up to 34%.

Property transfer tax: 0.5 to 6% on various types of residential and commercial property transfers, paid by the purchaser by agreement.

Social contributions range from 6.4 percent for workers to 30.6 percent for employers, depending on the occupation. Entrepreneurs’ effective income, which ranges from €785-70 to €2,897-70 per month, is taxed at 29.8%.

Lawyers of our company will help you with registration fast and without problems. Now it is very simple to purchase firm in  Spain.

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