The Czech Republic has been a member of NATO since 1999 and has been considered a member of the European Union since 2004. Now, registering a company in the Czech Republic is the legal and most correct option to obtain a residence permit in the Czech Republic in the future, and also to buy a lease for a car or a mortgage on a house.

Forms of doing business in the Czech Republic

It is allowed to register or acquire a company in the Czech Republic in the following organizational and legal forms:

  • “S.R.O.” (společnost s ručením omezeným) is a limited liability company;
  • “A.S.” (akciová společnost), joint stock company;
  • “živnostenský list”, private entrepreneur;
  • “V.O.S.” (veřejna obchodní společnost), open commercial company;
  • “K.S.” (komanditní společnost), limited partnership;
  • “družstvo”, cooperative.

Registration of A.S. types of enterprises and S.R.O. in the country is now the most demanded. To create a company in the Czech Republic, a potential owner often needs to go through the following operations:

  • checking the name of the future company;
  • a police clearance document translated into Czech;
  • obtaining a legal address (starting address) for 12 months;
  • availability of a bank account;
  • preparation of the required constituent documents;
  • payment of state fees;
  • notarized memorandum of association;
  • registration of the company in the commercial court and financial administration;
  • creation of the seal of the future company.

Providing an initial legal address for its application within 12 months is one of the main criteria for a complete package of documents for registering a company in the Czech Republic. Thus, you will get the obligatory postal correspondence of state bodies with the owner. When buying real estate, there is an option to change the legal address.

If the work of a company in the Czech Republic requires a license, you need to know about the types of existing licenses.

  1. Simple license. You don’t need a responsible representative to get it. However, it is needed if the list of simple licenses does not include the one that is required to conduct your type of activity.
  2. License, for obtaining which responsible representative is required. This is a person who has a residence permit/permanent residence in the Czech Republic or a citizen of the country. The individual is solely responsible for the types of activities you choose.

In addition, we recommend that all possible types of company activities be included in the company’s charter. This will come in handy later. Otherwise, the charter will need to be changed later, which is quite costly.

To register a company in the Czech Republic, personal presence is not required. The procedure can also be carried out using a power of attorney. A foreigner (owner and co-owner of a company in the Czech Republic) can conduct his business in this state, and practically without restrictions – in all EU states. The owner of the company can now also purchase real estate in the Czech Republic with his own passport.

After extending a visa for more than 90 days, a foreigner can obtain a residence permit in the Czech Republic for a period of 24 months. The permit is given on the basis of doing business. After 5 years of residence in the Czech Republic, a foreigner can obtain permanent residence in the Czech Republic and the status of a European resident.

Key points

The period of the company’s work is not limited. The company can be closed only by a court decision. The company submits the annual report once a year, until 31.03 of the next year. In addition, with a large turnover of funds – every quarter. The director can also be the founder of the company. The founders can be from 1 to 50 people. Often, the founders are adult relatives and close friends.

At the legislative level, a director may not have a work permit in the company, but work in it under a contract as a physical person who has entered into an agreement with his company. The number of directors is not limited. The director can independently resolve all issues related to his company, unless otherwise specified in the charter.

The authorized capital in the bank should be pledged. The amount has no limit and can start from 50 euros. When registering a company, it is allowed to contribute half of the authorized capital. The rest must be paid over 5 years. The term for registering a company in the Czech Republic is 15-20 working days from the date of submission of all the necessary papers from the founders.

Registration of A.S. in the Czech Republic

  • The starting capital of the company is divided into the number of shares, which determine the rights of shareholders. There are no restrictions on the number of founders, foreigners are allowed in the company. The minimum starting capital is 1 CZK, there are no limits. Management apparatus: board of directors, supervisory board, general meeting of shareholders and directors.
  • Legal regulation of the company’s work is carried out according to the Commercial Code.
  • The name of a joint stock company often has abbreviations “akc. spol.” or “A.S.” Shareholders are not liable for obligations. Their damage from the work of the company is determined by the price of their shares.
  • The Board of Directors must have at least 3 persons. Members of the Council are registered in the Trade Register, where all changes in the Council are entered. Members of the Council are elected or recalled by the decision of the general council of shareholders.

Advantages of A.S.

  • This is one of the most reliable and stable forms of doing business in the Czech Republic.
  • Some types of activities can be performed exclusively by JSCs (banks, funds, insurance agencies). The shareholder is not liable with personal property for the obligations of the joint-stock company.


The accounting report is required to be submitted by March 31 of the next year (you can postpone the deadline until June 30). Submission of documents with reporting can actually be carried out just once a year (suitable for companies that conduct small commerce), and every month (this is especially important for VAT payers).

Taxation system in the Czech Republic

  • Income tax: 19% for legal entities, 15% for individuals.
  • VAT: 15-21% (depending on the type of activity of the enterprise).

We will help with the registration of a company in the Czech Republic in a fast time and on a turnkey basis. It is now easier than ever to acquire a company in the Czech Republic, it is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to start a legitimate international business.

Registration of companies is one of the main directions of our activity. We will help you register a company in the Czech Republic as quickly as possible and without any effort on your part, so that you can fully focus on developing your business.

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