Saint Lucia is quite possibly the most wonderful isle in the Caribbean.

Obviously, the nation has not yet figured out how to turn out to be very well known among business people as other more renowned offshore jurisdiction. However, regardless of this increasingly more businessmen on the planet need to enlist or purchase an offshore organization.

Non-resident corporations benefit the most from enactment of the nation. Enrollment of offshore groups in Saint Lucia takes not much time, and the proprietors of organizations are afforded a high level of anonymity due to the fact that no data about them is entered into the state registry.


The accompanying enactment administers the enrollment and operatings of an offshore in the isles purview of the state:

– The IBC Act.

Kinds of the firms

IBC is the most productive structure for a fruitful worldwide firm.

Hightlights of enrollment of an offshore organization in Saint Lucia

There is no necessity to have a St. Lucian occupant in the organization in the situation of chief.

At any rate one investor may build up an IBC in Saint Lucia.

The organization’s title must incorporate the shortening, that shows the restricted risk of the organization (Limited, Ltd.; Incorporated, Inc, and so on).

There is a compulsory necessity to have an enlisted office and enrollment specialist in the state.

The necessary degree of security of data for proprietors of company in Saint Lucia is given by the way that the date is not gone into the register.

The organization names an official who will be answerable for corporate relations

Pay not from the domain of Saint Lucia is thought of:

  • Pay got from an organization enlisted not in Saint Lucia
  • Pay procured from land situated external Saint Lucia
  • Pay acquired from interests in protections gave by a non-Saint Lucia backer

Under the requirements of the Double Taxation Treaty, any remuneration from sources outside of Saint Lucia is considered pay from sources outside of Saint Lucia.


The organization doesn’t present any bookkeeping or review reports.

About taxes

The IBC Act accommodates a particular duty system: an organization in Saint Lucia can reward:

  • corporate annual duty with a base pace of 1%;
  • yearly permit charge (its sum relies upon the approved capital of the organization).

The organization in Saint Lucia doesn’t cover capital increases charge.

Every year, the amount of the level state charge is $300.

Legislation in Saint Lucia encourages the development of an offshore protection and reinsurance organizations.

We will enlist an organization for you in Saint Lucia inside the most brief conceivable time. Purchasing a modest offshore organization in Saint Lucia is currently simpler than at any other time. Enrolling an organization in Saint Lucia is one of the most effortless and least expensive approaches to begin a real global business.

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