The capital of the Republic of Malta is Valletta. It is a small but very picturesque nation with a friendly population.

The number of inhabitants in the country is 380 000.

The main language is Maltese. In any case, on the roads you are sure to hear English, occasionally – Italian or French.

Malta’s environment is exceptionally warm.


  • Short enrollment method;
  • An unfamiliar organization in Malta has similar advantages, rewards, charge arranging openings as an occupant organization;
  • The capital and property of the organization, just as profits moved abroad are not burdened;
  • There is no obligation on the exchange of shares;
  • It is feasible to move the current business to Malta, without investing energy and extra funds;
  • The magnificent nature of banking administrations, the utilization of Internet banking.
  • Hence, in Malta it is invaluable to enlist a holding organization, a monetary organization or oceanic vessels.
  • Proprietors of Internet club and merchants of products to Europe likewise discover offshore in Malta an advantageous structure for their business.

Legitimate structure

Offshore organization movement in Malta is administered by the Companies Ordinance 1984, as revised in 1992 and 1996.

Forms of the businesses

  • Trust;
  • Partnerships;
  • Shipping Company;
  • Private Limited Liability Company.

The most well known among unfamiliar financial backers is a private or public restricted obligation organization (LLC). The principle advantage is the impediment of investor responsibility.


  • Malta is a full European purview;
  • The organization can exploit the finished up deals on evasion of twofold tax collection;
  • Undeniable degree of secrecy. The privacy of data is secured by the Law “On proficient mystery”;
  • For the sake of the organization there should not be any sign of criminal operations or exercises for which an extraordinary permit is required;
  • Restricted (Ltd.) is utilized to indicate restricted obligation;
  • Organization name can be in any language, however it is imperative to utilize the Latin letters in order;
  • Enrollment requires around 2 days, it requires around 8 working days to set up all reports;
  • Approved offer capital:

– Private organization in Malta should be from € 1,250 (or its identical in another cash);

– Public organization – from € 46.600.

  • 20% (for a privately owned business) and 25% (for a public organization) of the expressed capital should be settled up and saved in a financial balance;
  • Carrier shares are not allowed;
  • Least number of chiefs:

– For a public organization – 2;

– For a privately owned business – 1.

  • Data about chiefs is public. Ostensible help is conceivable;
  • The organization secretary is just a characteristic individual, his residency doesn’t make any difference;
  • Least number of investors:

– For a privately owned business – 2 (up to 50), however at times sole proprietors are enlisted;

– For a public organization, the quantity of investors is limitless.

  • The status of investors doesn’t make any difference.

Getting a unique permit – an essential for betting business in Malta, just as the arrangement of banking, venture and protection administrations.


  • Income tax  – 35%. Yet, in the event that the organization works outside Malta, the expense can be diminished to 3.75% (if certain choices are made);
  • Contingent upon the offer capital yearly commitment to the spending plan is determined and goes from € 100 (share capital – up to € 1.500) to € 1400 (capital – above € 2.5 million);
  • The transportation organization in Malta doesn’t pay charge on benefits, yet makes allowances relying upon the weight of the vessel.


A yearly report should be recorded beginning the next year after enlistment.

A copy of the bookkeeping report is submitted, alongside a duplicate of the inspector’s report and the chief’s report.

Organization enlistment, opening of organizations in Malta is one of the fundamental bearings of our work.

Our support and services

Numerous long stretches of involvement of our experts will assist you with formalizing:

  • Organization name, check for uniqueness of the name and its consistence with the laws of Hong Kong;
  • Assortment of reports and their interpretation (if fundamental);
  • KYC technique;
  • Arrangement of all necessary authority reports;
  • Recording of documents for organization enrollment;
  • You can receive your documents in person or by mail.
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